Short Version

Here’s a quick summary of who I am and what I do.

  • Married with two children, though my wife often claims she has three kids.
  • Created my first website in the late 1990’s as using HTML and CSS. I built a Hawai’i-related site that had a lot of pages in the early 2000’s. I’m thinking about bringing it back to life someday.
  • Love everything there is about Hawai’i, as you will likely see. Some people say I’m a little obsessed with it, but I prefer the term “passionate.”
  • Volunteer on the Support Team.
  • Earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, but have no real training in web design/development; everything I know is self-taught.
  • Love learning development in my spare time.
  • Spent five years in active duty with the United States Navy.
  • Have been in the Navy Reserves since 2012.
  • Volunteer firefighter.
  • Love coffee and drink what some [inaccurately] claim is more than my fair share of it.
  • Have more hobbies than I know what to do with. My list of interests is extensive, but some of my favorite things to do include hiking, camping, running, cooking, Geocaching, and almost anything else outdoors.

Long Version

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology in 2004, which has since changed names to DeVry University. After graduating, I spent five years in the United States Navy serving aboard the nuclear submarine USS Pasadena. I currently work as an Information Technology Specialist for a publishing company and serve as an 1st Class Electronics Technician and our unit’s Leading Petty Officer in the United States Navy Reserve.

I started making basic HTML websites in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s. Do you remember the old Geocities websites from back then? It seemed the more gaudy your website, the cooler it was. Luckily for everyone, things have changed drastically; I do think it would be fun to create an old-looking WordPress theme. Just imagine where things will be in another ten years.

I was first introduced to computers by my grandpa back in the late 1980’s with the game Mixed-Up Mother Goose. Although it was pretty basic by today’s standards, it was enough to pique my interest and get me hooked on technology. My first experience with the Internet came around 1995 with dial-up service provided by AOL.

Live Aloha

Beyond the fact that I’m very passionate about Hawai’i, aloha is the foundation of who I am. Every decision I make is made with aloha.

From Chapter 5 of Hawai’i Revised Statutes:

[§5-7.5] “Aloha Spirit”. (a) “Aloha Spirit” is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It brings each person to the self. Each person must think and emote good feelings to others. In the contemplation and presence of the life force, “Aloha”, the following unuhi laula loa may be used:

“Akahai”, meaning kindness to be expressed with tenderness;

“Lokahi”, meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony;

“Oluolu”, meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness;

“Haahaa”, meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty;

“Ahonui”, meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance.

These are traits of character that express the charm, warmth and sincerity of Hawaii’s people. It was the working philosophy of native Hawaiians and was presented as a gift to the people of Hawaii. “Aloha” is more than a word of greeting or farewell or a salutation. “Aloha” means mutual regard and affection and extends warmth in caring with no obligation in return. “Aloha” is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to every other person for collective existence. “Aloha” means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable.

(b) In exercising their power on behalf of the people and in fulfillment of their responsibilities, obligations and service to the people, the legislature, governor, lieutenant governor, executive officers of each department, the chief justice, associate justices, and judges of the appellate, circuit, and district courts may contemplate and reside with the life force and give consideration to the “Aloha Spirit”. [L 1986, c 202, §1]

Support WordPress

I first got into online support during the early 2000’s in the forums. I was doing research for a Hawai’i website I had and came across the forums. Several people had questions that I knew the answers to and I quickly started spending several hours a day on there. A couple years later the site started offering points for various things. As much as I was on the site, I quickly racked up lot of points. I even won a trip to Hawai’i in 2004 right before I left for the Navy!

I ended up on the forums in a similar way in late 2015. Google led me to a forum post for an issue I was troubleshooting. As I started looking at some of the other posts, I quickly discovered I knew some of the answers to questions people were asking. Timing couldn’t have been better, as I was attending WordCamp US and had a chance to meet a number of people from the Support Team. Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. I knew this was a place I wanted to be.

Drink Coffee

I had my first cup of coffee when I was 13. I blame my grandparents, but in a good way. We went to Hawai’i for their 50th wedding anniversary and spent part of our time on the Big Island. Kona Coffee was the first coffee I ever tried – and I was hooked! Although I do love the last of Kona, I’m certainly no coffee snob. The darker and blacker the coffee, the better. My first WordPress site was actually a site about coffee.

Technical Details

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