Month in Review: February 2018

This was a very slow month for coding because of my Navy Reserve annual training.  I'm finishing that up today and I haven't done much outside of that the past couple weeks.  I'm posting this from my hotel room in Norfolk, VA before I head for the airport. 

I'll be getting back into things on Monday morning and March should be much more productive.


I completed the Applied Responsive Web Design projects, which was the last part of the Responsive Web Design section.  The next section is JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures.  I made it about halfway through the Basic JavaScript section before leaving for my annual training.

Projects I Worked On

Client Questionnaire


Have a checklist of things to go over when helping friends and family members plan and build their sites.


Completed.  After spending some time looking at what others were using, I decided I was wasting my time.  I have no desire to be a freelancer, so it's not like this is something I'm going to use that often.  It just didn't make sense for me to spend a lot of time working on it.  I decided I'm going to use iTheme's 65 Questions to Ask During Your Next Freelance Client Meeting and be done with it.

Goals for The Month

  • JavaScript Guessing Game (Fixed Number).
    I didn't get the picture taken to finish this up, but that's all I need and it will be done.
  • PRT Tracker [WordPress Plugin].
    This is to track my running, push-ups, and curl-ups for our Navy Reserve Physical Fitness Test (PFA).  I  started a plugin before and had the basic functionality working.  I'm going to start over and make it work with Gutenberg.  The plugin will feature a custom post type to collect workout information and progress reports based on my goals.  This will be a little slow since I'm also going to need to learn about developing with Gutenberg.
  • Aloha from Dad [Website].
    I'm going to slowly continue working on transferring my old Household Discoveries site to Aloha from Dad.  This will also involve creating a recipe custom post type.
  • freeCodeCamp.
    I'll be continuing on with the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section, with the goal of spending six hours a week.