Month in Review: March 2018

This month started out slow for development because I was still finishing up my Navy Reserve annual training, with a drill weekend following my return.  Then I was working to get caught up with being gone for a couple weeks.

Once a year our Fire Department holds a reverse raffle as a fundraiser.  Of course, it was the third Saturday of the month.  This meant all the finishing touches were being wrapped up in the middle of all my Navy stuff.  There was a lot going on at once.

Starting tomorrow things should be closer to being back to "normal."  I made a couple changes this month:

  • Moved fitness from a "hobby" to a priority.  It's been too easy to not go for a run or push-ups/curl-ups because there is something else to do.  My Navy PRT goals are 1.5 mile run in 11:23, 78 curl-ups in 2 minutes, and 60 push-ups in 2 minutes.  That's not going to happen without working for it.
  • Received Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner a few days ago and plan to start using it today.

Learning Development


I completed the Basic JavaScript section of JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures and started on ES6. This week I should be able to start in on Regular Expressions.

LinkedIn Learning

My premium subscription to ran out at the end of April and I was going to go without, but then I realized how much I was using it.  I decided to try LinkedIn Learning and go for another year.  So far, there are just a few little things I don't like as much as, but I'm going to give it a little more time.

As much as I want to jump in to React so I can start building more with Gutenberg, I'm going to (painfully) limit myself and proceed in logical order.  I already do pretty well with HTML and CSS, but I really want to get a strong foundation of JavaScript before I move on.

Right now my plan is to take the Become a Front End Web Developer learning path, and then the Become a Vanilla JavaScript Developer learning path.

Projects I Worked On

Island of Aloha


This is basically going to be my blog for all things non-development.  I originally was going to name this Aloha from Dad, but decided to change it to Island of Aloha because there is going to be quite a bit of stuff related to Hawai’i.  I have an old site that hasn’t been updated in a long time where I started to keep some of our favorite recipes and household tips; I’ll be moving these posts over to Island of Aloha.


I have the domain purchased and a maintenance page set up.  I created a local copy of my old site as well as one for the new site.  The posts are starting to move over from the old site.  Since the page URLs will be changing, I’ve also started looking into page redirects.  The site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but there are a couple popular recipes on there.

Goals for The Month

  • Support Forums.  I haven't been able to spend much time in the forums lately, but I hope to get back into that.  My goal is to spend 30 minutes each day providing support.
  • JavaScript Guessing Game (Fixed Number). I still have to take the picture of the mini-figs and this will be finished..
  • Island of Aloha [Website]. I'm going to slowly continue working on transferring my old Household Discoveries site to Aloha from Dad.  This will also involve creating a recipe custom post type.
  • freeCodeCamp. I'll be continuing on with the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section, finishing up the ES6 portion this week.
  • Blogging.  I've wanted to start writing for a while, but this month I plan to start.  My initial goal is to start with one post every 2nd Tuesday of the month.