Month in Review: April 2018

Aloha and Happy Lei Day!  This was an unexpectedly busy month.  I’m eligible for promotion in the Navy Reserve to the rank of chief (E-7).  As part of that, we found out at the beginning of the month there is a 40-hour course we need to complete in order to even be competitive.  Once I got into the course, I quickly realized it was in fact not a 40-hour course, but a 70-hour one.  That’s where most of my time went this month.

Learning Development


I completed the following items in freeCodeCamp‘s JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section.

  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
  • ES6
  • Regular Expressions
  • Debugging
  • Basic Data Structures

Now I’m working on Basic Algorithm Scripting.  I intend to start working on freeCodeCamp a lot more as of this month, with a goal of at least seven hours a week. 

LinkedIn Learning

I made some progress on the Become a Front-End Web Developer learning path in addition to a course on writing by completing:

  • Programming Foundations: Fundamentals
  • User Experience for Web Designers
  • Completed UX Foundations:  Accessibility
  • Completed Writing to be Heard on LinkedIn

As I start to work more on freeCodeCamp, that extra time has to come from somewhere.  I’m going to cut back on my LinkedIn Learning courses to a couple hours a week, plus whatever else I can squeeze in.

Projects I Worked On

JavaScript Guessing Game (Fixed Number)

Live Example:

Progress:  This has been almost done for a while but finally made time to get it knocked out.  I took the photos and added the number of minifigs to the game.  The game has been added to my 404 error page on this site.  I’ll probably make a few tweaks (including adding a photo of the minifigs spread out), but it’s up and working.

Island of Aloha


Purpose:  This is a new personal site for all things non-development, with a focus on Hawai’i and recipes.  I’ve spent a little time checking out what recipe plugins are available and working on a “start here” page.

Mug Monday

Purpose:  I love coffee and the mugs it goes in.  I think it would be fun to get the week started with sharing a different mug each Monday.  Although this won’t be a permanent feature, I have enough to keep it going for at over two years!

Progress:  I experimented during a lunch break and actually got the entire thing working.  There is a “Mug Monday” custom post type that uses a Gutenberg template.

Project Goals for The Month

  • Island of Aloha [Website]. The main goal this month is to do more research and decide on a plugin to use for my recipes.  Once that’s done, it shouldn’t take me too long to get all the posts transferred over from Household Discoveries to Island of Aloha.
  • Mug Monday [Plugin].  I’m hoping to have Mug Monday finished up this month.  It only took me a lunch hour to get it going, but I want to clean some things up a bit.
  • #100DaysOfCode. They say the best way to learn something is by doing.  I had previously started the challenge but it wasn’t working out with my schedule.  I certainly don’t have any more free time, but I’m going to do my #100DaysOfCode working on freeCodeCamp’s challenges from
    I’m just about done with a separate post on this and I will be sharing that in the next couple days.


  • Blogging.  I’ve wanted to start writing for a while, but this month I plan to do it.  My initial goal is to start with one post every 2nd Tuesday of the month and see how that goes.
  • Support Forums.  I haven’t been able to spend much time providing support lately, but I hope to get back into that.  I miss it.  My goal is to spend at least 30 minutes each day in the forums.
  • freeCodeCamp. I’ll be continuing on with the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section, finishing up the ES6 portion this week.