Charting a Path for 2018

We're down to the last couple weeks of 2017 and this is my last post for the year. The holidays are a busy time for many people, and our family is no exception.

We have evaluations coming up this week for the junior sailors in our Navy Reserve unit. If it's anything like last time, that'll easily take 20+ hours over the next couple weeks.  This is a big thing because it affects whether or not my sailors get advanced.  That takes precedence over anything I'm doing just for fun, including development and support.

With all of this going on, I decided it would be a perfect time to take a break and reflect on 2017 and start charting my path for 2018. I go back and forth with what to work on and in what order, but I think I'm pretty close to a decision.

I'll write an update for January 1, 2018 once I get things planned. This is not to be confused with a New Year's resolution; I typically don't do those. If I have something I want to do, I start working on it and don't wait for the new year.  Some of the things I'm going to be working on include:

  • Support: I've been doing some support this year, but not nearly as much as I would like.  Although I'm shifting my primary focus to development, I also intend to get more involved with the support forums again. 
  • Development:  I'm going to hit development hard in 2018, but the problem is what to focus on.  I want to learn JavaScript, SASS, and increase my level of HTML and CSS, and PHP.
  • Blogging:  I intend to write on a more regular basis in the coming year.

They're a couple small changes I'm also making to the site, including some tweaks to the structure. My weekly updates will start up again in the new year.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'll see you again on January 1, 2018!

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