Week in Review: January 1-7, 2018

As I expected, the year is off to a very slow start with my goals. I didn't get make much progress last week, but the next couple weeks should be much better.  Our Navy Reserve junior sailors' evaluations were due this past weekend and those took quite a bit of time.  We also had temperatures around 0, leading to our pipes freezing.  We got them thawed just in time for our furnace to stop working.  Luckily we have a wood stove or else we wouldn't have been able to stay in the house. As of this morning, the living room was about 70 degrees with the rest of the house warming up to around 50.  We had someone look at it on Friday but they couldn't get the part until this week.  They should be out to get things running this afternoon.  The part didn't work so they are going to try something else either tonight or in the morning.

Edit 1/11:  The part for our furnace didn't work, but they figured out the gas valve was bad.  They got it fixed Wednesday morning.  So now we have thawed pipes and heat… Then the floor was wet by our toilet.  That turned into a big job that required ripping out some of the floor.  I won't be doing much learning/development this week and will share the next Week in Review on January 21. 


JavaScript 30

I only got through 3.5 days of JavaScript 30 but I was happy to get started.  It's been fun and I learned some things.  The CSS + JS Clock from day 2 was a neat little project, but it left one thing out.  When it got to the top of the hour, the hand would spin around counter-clockwise to start over instead of going from 59 seconds to 0 to 1 like you would expect.  I played around and found the following code worked well for fixing this.  If it's the top of the hour, it will remove the transition so the hand doesn't try to go counter-clockwise back to the beginning (1 second).  I repeated the process for minutes and seconds.

if (seconds >= 59) {
    secondHand.style.transform = `rotate(${secondsDegrees-1}deg)`;
    secondHand.style.transition = "none";
} else {
    secondHand.style.transform = `rotate(${secondsDegrees}deg)`;

See the Pen JavaScript 30 – JS and CSS Clock by Geoffrey Shilling (@geoffreyshilling) on CodePen.

Podcast Picks of the Week

I listen to way too many podcasts.  This isn't nearly all the podcasts I listen to, but any time I take notes on something, I'm going to share it here.

Goals for This Week

I told you it was a pretty quiet week (in terms of development).  This week I hope to get on track with my schedule and goals and have much more to report on that.

I know fitness isn't directly related to code, but I think you have to have a good balance in life.  Developers spend a lot of time in front of a screen.  For this reason, I may start adding my fitness goals and workouts to the week in review.  I'll also be working on a plugin at some point directly related to that.

That's all for now. Aloha until next week!

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