Week in Review: January 22-28, 2018

It was a productive week, despite being busy!  The last couple weeks I've written the week in review right before I post it.  I think I'm going to write it as I go through the week from now on so there isn't as much to do at the last minute.  My aim will be to post the week in review on Sunday each week in the future.


JavaScript 30

I completed JavaScript 30 a little earlier than I planned since I did several each day to finish it up.  This was a really fun course and I definitely learned a lot!  It was definitely a change of scenery for me with the ES6 syntax, but there wasn't anything too bad.


I didn't spend as much time on freeCodeCamp this week because I went ahead and finished up JavaScript 30.  I finally got to the projects section in Responsive Web Design and  started the Tribute Page.  It took less than 30 minutes to fulfill the user stories and pass the ten tests, but I'm still going to work on it some more.  You can see my FCC Tribute Page – Hawai'i at CodePen.

Gutenberg Development

I also finished Zac Gordon's Gutenberg Development course this week.  I love it and will be going through it again.  Beyond everything I learned, it gave me several ideas of things to try.  This has me even more excited to get started working on my own plugins.


As I mentioned before, I'm very interested in Gutenberg.  In order to get more involved with the project, I need to learn the languages.  Last week I started the Become a React Developer learning path.  The Gutenberg Development course helped me get familiar with some of the syntax, but I have a long way to go; this is brand new to me.


JavaScript Guessing Game

GitHub [Project Code]: https://github.com/geoffreyshilling/javascript-guessing-game-fixed-number
CodePen [Live Example]: https://codepen.io/geoffreyshilling/pen/BJGBgY


The kids and I love LEGO and we have quite a few Minifigs. I thought it would be fun to have people guess how many I could fit into a Mason jar. Since this number isn't ever going to change, it's not something they would play over and over again. I think my site's 404 error page would make a good home for this reason. That way some people will come across it but


I spent most of this week on smaller rules to make the game run smoother and look better.  I decided to use Bootstrap for the page in order to get a little more familiar with it.  My initial code game code is now up on GitHub

I was working on the game over the weekend when my son woke up and he wanted to see what I was doing.  He was just as interested in the code on the backend as he was on how the game looked/played.  A future developer??  We'll see!

The game currently has the following features/rules:

  • Allow only numbers to be input.
  • Accept input from the regular number keys and also the number/key pad.
  • Allow the user to enter a guess by clicking the button or pressing enter.
  • Allow a maximum of 5 guesses per game.
  • Allow the user to play again once the game is over.
  • Prevent a user from guessing the same number twice.
  • Limit number of digits per guess to 4. Example: 1234.
  • Set focus to "Play Again" button when game is over.
  • Disable input field when game is over.

The "Store"


I'm working on a business website for a family member. The "store" is currently a hard-coded, non-responsive HTML site with images of the business's catalog. The new site is being built with WordPress and WooCommerce. They have no desire to sell online, so this will be more of a showcase of products. The new site will allow the business to add or remove products without having to contact a developer to update the HTML.


  • Over 600 products have been added.
  • A few tweaks have been done to the design.
  • The shopping cart feature has been turned off.

Goals for This Week

It's going to be a busy week between Cub Scouts, our monthly Fire Department Business meeting (my first as the official Treasurer), and preparing a presentation for our Navy Reserve drill weekend. It's also slightly warmer this week, so I'm hoping to go for a couple runs.

Focus Areas

  • JavaScript Guessing Game (Fixed Number).
    • I'm going through everything one more time and then finish up the documentation.  The game should be completed this week.
  • The "Store."
    • I need to work on the store's logo/header image and the breadcrumb link colors.  There isn't too much left before the site should be ready to go live.
  • Now Page.
    • If I finish up with the other projects, I'm going to work on a "Now" page.  This page will show what my goals are for each quarter and maybe the list of projects I'd like to work on.
  • Learning.
    • Now that I've finished JavaScript 30 and the Gutenberg Development course, I'm going to try to spend at least 30 minutes each day on freeCodeCamp. 
    • I'm still going back and forth about my Lynda.com premium membership.  I thought I was going to cancel it, but now I'm leaning towards letting it expire, but then signing up for it through LinkedIn Learning.
    • I'm going to continue learning about Gutenberg, which means a focus on JavaScript and React.  I'm going to continue on the Become a React Developer learning path on Lynda.com.

Aloha until next week!