Week in Review: January 8-21, 2018

As I expected, it was a busy couple of weeks. I sat down and figured out everything I would like to accomplish each week. There is almost 30 hours of development stuff I would like to fit in on top of normal life (family, job, fire department, Cub Scouts, and Navy Reserve). It's tough finding room because development won't come before family, so I'm not willing to just spend more time in the evenings working on it.


JavaScript 30

I got caught up on JavaScript 30 and am now doing one a day; I'll finish on January 30. My son was watching during part of the unreal webcam fun (day 19) and I think he enjoyed that as much as I did!


I was finally able to get started on the beta (for now) version of freeCodeCamp. It's broken down into various sections, but it starts with Responsive Web Design and progresses from there. I've completed the following items during the last two weeks:

  • Basic HTML and HTML5
  • Basic CSS
  • Applied Visual Design
  • Applied Accessibility
  • Responsive Web Design Principles

Gutenberg Development

I signed up for Zac Gordon's Gutenberg Development course, as much as I know I should have waited until I finish JavaScript 30. I'm really loving Gutenberg and wanted to get started on this. Once I'm done with JavaScript 30, I'm going to shift that time to over to Gutenberg and building my own plugin.  I plan to take the course several times, but I'm currently 64{df82e2773629ceda45604928bb96db4e2c3d4d8bde97209d3a6adb0aa8f8c124} through it the first time around.


JavaScript Guessing Game

GitHub [Actual Project Code]: https://github.com/geoffreyshilling/javascript-guessing-game-fixed-number
CodePen [Live Example]: https://codepen.io/geoffreyshilling/pen/BJGBgY


The kids and I love LEGO and we have quite a few Minifigs. I thought it would be fun to have people guess how many I could fit into a Mason jar. Since this number isn't ever going to change, it's not something they would play over and over again. I think my site's 404 error page would make a good home for this reason. That way some people will come across it but


I started working on the JavaScript guessing game last week and made good progress.  The game is working, but I need to do some more testing and add more documentation.  It currently has the following rules:

  • Allow only numbers to be input
  • Accept input from the regular number keys and also the number/key pad
  • Allow the user to enter a guess by clicking the button or pressing enter
  • Allow a maximum of 5 guesses per game
  • Allow the user to play again once the game is over
  • Prevent a user from guessing the same number twice

Goals for This Week

It's going to be a busy week between Cub Scouts, our monthly Fire Department Business meeting (my first as the official Treasurer), and preparing a presentation for our Navy Reserve drill weekend. It's also slightly warmer this week, so I'm hoping to go for a couple runs.

Focus Areas

  • JavaScript Guessing Game (Fixed Number).  Finish up the guessing game and get it added on the 404 error page with a photo of the minifigs.  I also want to make sure it follows WordPress coding standards for HTML,CSS, and JavaScript.
  • The "Store." I'm working on a business website for a family member.  The "store" is currently a hard-coded non-responsive HTML site with images of the business's catalog.  The new site is being built with WordPress and WooCommerce.  They have no desire to sell online, so this will be more of a showcase of products.  The new site will allow the business to add or remove products without having to contact a developer to update the HTML.

That's all for now. Aloha until next week!

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