Week in Review: November 20-26, 2017

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving for those of you that celebrate it! Thanksgiving is always a busy time of year. I work for a publishing company and last week some volunteers went in for a few hours late at night to get the Black Friday/Cyber Monday fliers in the newspaper; it was a three pound paper. Now it's back to regular IT work during the day.



I'm semi-happy to say I didn't learn much in these first two videos and they were more of a refresher. Nothing against the courses by any means – they are great – but I knew enough prior to taking them I probably could have skipped them. I wanted to complete the entire Become a PHP Developer learning path on Lynda.com and these are part of it.

[Lynda.com] Finished HTML Essential Training by James Williamson.

[Lynda.com] Finished CSS Essential Training 1 by Christina Truong

[Lynda.com] Started JavaScript Essential Training by Morten Rand-Hendriksen


  • [Atom] atom-live-server Package
    This package performs a live reload of your web browser based on the changes you make/save in Atom. I've wanted to look at something like this for a while, but haven't had a chance. I learned about this in Morten Rand-Hendriksen's Lynda.com course, JavaScript Essential Training.


[Plugin] Hawaiian Howdy

Purpose: Hawaiian Howdy is a simple plugin that changes the "Howdy" text in the admin area to a Hawaiian greeting based on time of day. It can also wish you a Happy Aloha Friday. Both of these are options that can be turned on or off independently.
Progress: Although I didn't quite finish the plugin this week, I came very close. The code itself is done as of yesterday. The last thing I'm working on is the readme file, screenshots, and updating the plugin's page on my site. It took a while for this simple plugin, but I learned a lot. I will probably take a look at this again in the future and do a rebuild using classes/object-oriented programming.
GitHub Repo: https://github.com/geoffreyshilling/hawaiian-howdy

Podcast Pick(s) of the Week

I’m going to start sharing my top pick(s) next week. Between Thanksgiving and everything leading up to it, I missed a lot of podcasts this week.

Goals for This Week

  • [Event] WordCamp US: It's hard to believe it's WordCamp US time again! Even though this year was really busy and I wasn't able to make it to any other WordCamps, I do everything I can to not miss this one. The last two years it's been in Philadelphia, PA. It's in Nashville, TN this year and next year and my wife is even coming with me. I plan to write a post about the experience.
  • [Plugin] Hawaiian Howdy: I'll finish up the readme file, screenshots, and update the plugin's page.
  • [PHP] IZ Ipsum: The code on IZ Ipsum needs cleaned up. Although this is a non-WordPress project, I do want to rewrite the code so it conforms to the WordPress PHP standards.
  • [Website] GeoffreyShilling.com: I plan to make the site restructuring go live on January 1, 2018. I need to continue adding content and writing the text for the different pages. And I still need to take a picture of my mason jar full of mini-figs 🙂
  • [Learning] Lynda.com: This week I should finish up JavaScript Essential Training as part of the Become a PHP Developer learning path. Learning PHP is the next course in the path.

That's all for now. Aloha until next week!
Maybe I'll see you at WordCamp US!

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